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Make Every Word Count

The following is a sample ad-gift letter, courtesy of station WFAE in Charlotte NC. Following the letter are three pledge drive scripts that use themes and talking points from this letter. 

Dear <title, lastname>,


My bet is that you listen to WFAE because you want to be informed about important local, national, and international issues. I believe you are among those who appreciate solid journalism and intelligent conversation when you listen to the radio.


You support WFAE because you share our passion for high-quality news and information. Thanks to you, we have the resources to cover our complex world accurately and completely.


We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished — not just the awards hanging on our walls, but the vital service we provide to Charlotte and the Carolinas. Each and every day, WFAE provides reliable news and information with depth, context, and civil discourse. We are keenly aware of the importance of our coverage of the upcoming presidential elections, especially when Charlotte will be the focus of the nation as the host city of the Republican National Convention.


I’m sure you depend daily on the fair, unbiased, carefully crafted stories from our local and national journalists like Sarah Delia, and Audie Cornish. You value the respectful, unrushed, honest conversations of Terry Gross, Mike Collins, Nick de la Canal, and our other public radio hosts. And you appreciate our locally produced and locally focused programs and podcasts like SouthBound, FAQ City, She Says, Amplifier, and Charlotte Talks.


A special additional gift today of $gift1, $gift2, or $gift3 will go directly to keeping our reporters delivering the stories that affect your life.


Like our other members, you know that we depend on you to help pay for the programs you value. You understand that your contributions support WFAE’s newsroom and the thirty-three other NPR news bureaus here and around the world.


The simple fact is you depend on our journalists, and in turn they depend on you! That’s the way public media works.


That’s why I’m asking you to participate right now. Please join with other WFAE members today by making your personal contribution today. Remember that federal support for public radio comes to less than 38 cents per person per year. That’s why your additional personal gift means so much.


Thanks to your help, WFAE will always be the place for award-winning news coverage, thoughtful analysis, and intelligent dialogue.


As other news organizations close bureaus and newspapers lay off journalists, public radio remains strong through the support of our loyal members.


We aren’t resting on our laurels. We still have lots to accomplish in expanding our service to our audience in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Your gift will make a significant difference toward this important future!


Take part now in any way you choose: by mail, phone, or online. As with all public institutions, what matters most is that you participate!


On behalf of all those who serve you from WFAE, thank you!




Ju-Don Marshall

Chief Content Officer


P.S. Our coverage of this year’s breaking local and national news will stretch our budget to the limit. But we’ll be there covering the news in ways no other service can. Please join with the WFAE team and make your gift today!

Letters from your Development Departments Ad Gift efforts can help you write scripts or build bullet points on the same topic for your on-air drives. But you can also mine them for ideas on other topics- such as your local news production.


Later this fall, the city of Charlotte will host the Republican National Convention. WFAE will be there to offer local coverage, and assist NPR with national coverage of this important event.

Big events require big planning- and with that comes a demand on the budget.  If you’re a member of this station, you’re already supporting the unbiased political coverage you depend on. The additional coverage of the convention requires additional funding. Your additional gift today of $50 or more will go a long way in providing the reporting you expect on WFAE.

You depend on our professional journalists. And they depend on you. That’s the way public media works. Your additional gift will make a difference to WFAE, and coverage that will be heard around the world.


Call or give online now.

  • Major news stories that happen in our region require extra resources to cover. With this fall's Republican National Convention, WFAE's news department will be stretched to the limit. 

  • Big events require big planning. They also require extra money from WFAE's budget.

  • Your gift right now in any amount will help us bring you the professional coverage you expect. 

  • Call or give online now. 


You’re already a member of WFAE. You know that your gift supports quality journalism from around the country, and from our own WFAE newsroom.

In looking back over the past months, you’ll agree that it’s been a really challenging news year. Local journalists like WFAE’s Sarah Delia and Nick de la Canal have provided award winning coverage of events from our region.  

Today, give an award of your own for the excellent reporting you’ve heard. Make an additional gift in any amount to say “thanks” for the great work, and to help the WFAE newsroom prepare for the big stories yet to come in this election year.

It’s easy to make a one-time additional gift, or to increase your sustaining gift. Call or give online.


  • It's been an extraordinarily challenging news year. And it's not over yet.

  • International, national, and local news has dominated our attention, and changed our lives.

  • WFAE has come through with award winning stories from around Charlotte and around the globe. 

  • Your gift in any amount will say "thanks" for the great work, and for the work to come. 

  • Call or give online now. 



You have a relationship with WFAE. You value the daily stream of fair, unbiased, carefully crafted stories from our local and national journalists.


Sarah Delia. Audie Cornish. Scott Detrow. Tamara Keith and many more are covering stories of significance in this election year.


You value the respectful, honest conversations of Terry Gross, Mike Collins, and Nick de la Canal. Local programs like SouthBound and Charlotte Talks connect you with our region.

During this member drive, take a moment to say “thanks” by joining, or by making an additional gift to WFAE. It takes a few minutes, and your contribution in any amount will ensure that the work continues.


Call or give online. You’ll make a difference.

  • You've noticed. That's why you come back. Day after day you tune in for the fair, unbiased and carefully crafted journalism  on WFAE. 

  • You value what you hear. 

  • During this drive, take a moment to say thanks with a contribution in any amount. We'll put every dollar to work to bring you the news you need. 

  • Call or give online right now. 

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