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Make Every Word Count

The following is a sample station member acquisition letter. Following the letter are three pledge drive scripts that use themes and talking points from this letter. 


Dear <NAME>

I’m writing to you today because I believe you value the inspiring, grounding, and beautiful music experienced on WAFG.


Today that music is in jeopardy. That’s why we’re counting on you right now.


In a time of continuing uncertainty in funding, those of us who value the variety of delightful and stirring classical music on WAFG cannot rely on others to ensure that we will have these choices in the future. Your participation — and your support — matter more now than ever before.


You have the power to create extraordinary, uplifting, and exceptional programming by making a contribution to WAFG today. Your gift will go directly toward purchasing and producing the programs you love and enjoy the most.


The fact is, without listeners like you who willingly become members, WAFG would not survive: 80% of what it takes to keep classical radio on the air comes from the people who use the service. That’s why I’m urging you to join WAFG today with a membership gift of $40, $60, $120, or whatever amount is right for you.


Your gift will keep alive the timeless world-class music broadcasts on WAFG. Your gift today means that we — and thousands of others in our community — will continue to have access to classical music and enjoy the glorious performances from concert halls around the world and live concerts from right here in the <XXX> region.


Please don’t take what you value and appreciate for granted. Act now! Your generous gift will help preserve programming that exists solely to serve your needs — not those of corporations and commercial advertisers.


When you want and need worthwhile and important entertainment and a wealth of perspectives, you’ve counted on WAFG.


May we count on you at this critical time? All of us at WAFG are dedicated to serving you with programs and services that enrich, respond to, and relate to our lives. Thank you again and please be as generous as you can.


For the programs,


<Letter signer>

CEO and Fellow Supporter


P.S. Quality programs are expensive to produce... but I’m sure you’ll agree the investment is worth every penny. When it’s time to pay the bills, these programs continue for only one reason... because you care enough to support them. You — and your support — matter more than ever before. Please support WAFG with a tax-deductible gift. Thank you!

Here’s a sample of some on-air fundraising scripts built from messages taken from the above WAFG Sample Letter. Choose just a few words or lift entire phrases or concepts and distill them into a few bullet points or into complete 30 to 40 second scripts for your on-air pitchers.


Script One

You depend on Classical WAFG for great music whenever you need it. Day or night, WAFG is here for you. It’s inspiring. Grounding. And above all, beautiful.

And there are a lot of people that feel the way you do. Many of them support it with a gift. Those listeners provide 80% of the funding needed to produce, purchase, and air the programs you love and enjoy the most.

Contributions can’t be taken for granted. Listeners move. Business and foundations may change their giving focuses.  But the need for classical music endures.

You’ve made the choice to listen. Now make the choice to give. Call or give online now to help preserve the station that provides the music you love.

  • You depend on Classical WAFG for great music

  • Listeners like you donate 80% of our operating budget

  • You've made the choice to listen. Now make the choice to give. 

  • Call or give online today. 



Script Two

What words do you use to describe WAFG? How about extraordinary. Uplifting. Or exceptional.

No matter which ones you pick, two are the most important: “listener supported”. You might not know that listeners provide 80 percent of WAFG’s budget. Listeners who make annual contributions pay the ongoing costs of purchasing and producing the programs you love.

Listeners matter to WAFG. And listener support keeps it on the air. That’s why we’re urging you to join with a membership in the amount that’s right for you.

Here’s how. Call or give online right now. Your gift will play a significant role in the service provided to you and this community every day.

  • How do you describe WAFG? How about "essential"?

  • Essential support for this station comes from listeners.

  • Listeners matter, and listener support keeps it on the air.

  • Call or give online right now. Your support is essential in keeping great music on the air.  

Script Three

You count on WAFG to provide great classical music. But today, WAFG is counting on you.


You may have heard about the funding uncertainties in WAFG's future. Classical music on WAFG is in jeopardy. But you can help.


Your gift will support the timeless world-class music you hear on this station. Your gift means that you – and thousands of other classical music listeners in our community – will have continued access to music from concert halls around the world, and live concerts from right here. 

Listener support is an essential part of the WAFG budget. Eighty percent of the budget comes from people who listen.

Can we count on you? Most listeners give $10 a month. Give an amount that’s comfortable for you. It starts with a call – or a visit to WAFG dot o-r-g.

  • You count on WAFG for great music. WAFG counts on you.

  • Support for this station is uncertain. But there is one source of support that is always there- Listener support. 

  • Eighty percent of ouyr budget comes from the generosity of listeners. Can we count on you?

  • Call or give online now. 

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