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I will best it - Unknown Artist
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There is a wide variety of content that can be added this way such as:

Audio player:




Yogurt with Fruit


And lots more. Don't worry about the spacing and the overall layout. I will go back and make sure that each chapter has consistent spacing and is styled correctly.

If you want to turn text into a hyperlink, select a text component and select "edit text". Doing so will open up the text settings. from within there there is a link icon. Selecting that will allow you to turn your highlighted text into a hyperlink.

Be sure to credit the notable person/author of this chapter below. The author/person section below has its components grouped so it may require two-three clicks before an element from within it is editable. Use the toolbar for each component to make the necessary edits.

If more space is needed from the container. Select the container, click the stretch icon at the bottom of the container and move the container up and/or down.


The related topics at the bottom of the page will be updated once all or most of the chapters are made.

Another option to creating a chapter based off of these instructions is to email me the content ( and I will create the chapter.

Description of the person. Their role and why they're an expert on the subject.

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Person's Name

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How to create a chapter

To create a chapter, select the "Menus & Pages" tool at the top of the left toolbar. From the "Site Menu" section, select the ellipse on the "Chapter Tutorial" page. Doing so will make that page's options appear. Select "Duplicate" from within that menu. This will duplicate the page and provide the option of renaming the newly duplicated page.

Once a new page has been duplicated, content can be inserted into the page. You can either repurpose the content here (there already is a couple of text, image, video, and audio components present.) Alternatively, you can add new components by selecting the "add" tool from the left toolbar.

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