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Pledge School. Radio School. 

Want to up your pledge-drive game?

PledgeDriver offers one-on-one training to get your game up to speed quickly.

Pledge School

Personalized help in planning and scripting your drive. We can build and implement a messaging plan in conjunction with your senior staff to put the right words and concepts into short, engaging scripts that are strategically placed in your pledge drive planning grid.

We offer one-on-one training in the use of PledgeDriver to help you realize the power of this cloud-based planning tool to set a long term strategy, and react to changes on-the-fly as your drive progresses.

Radio School

The key to a successful pledge drive is the ability to engage listeners and invite them to contribute. Talent coach John Munson understands the persuasive skills that are demanded in pledge drives, and has successfully coached seasoned broadcasters, and non-professional pledge hosts alike.

The bottom line is this: Create the Message and Deliver the Message. Pledge drives are too important to leave to chance.


Roger Gomoll

OnAirFundraising LLC, creator of PledgeDriver 651.797.2161

John Munson

Radio coach. On-air host. Pledge Consultant


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