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PledgeDriver Help Notes


Hours and Breaks: In the planning grid, the hours are horizontal, and each break is a column within the hour.

Program Names: Each hour of your drive must have a corresponding program name selected from the pull-down menu at the left on the hour's blue header. The selected program name will infill the [PROGRAM_NAME] token when you select scripts that contain this token. The list of program names is built in the Programming set-up screen and may be changed at any time.

Grid Screen Proportion:  Place your cursor on the frame between the grid and the script bins and slide the horizontal arrow to change the ratio of both sides on your screen. Save this proportion by going to Options on the toolbar and clicking on Save Window Settings.


Collapse/Open Grid  Hours: Click - or + on the right end of the blue hour header bar to collapse and reopen the grid lines for an hour. This is useful to close non-pitched hours or hours that have been completed.


Populate the Grid with Scripts: To enter a case or close script into the grid, click on the title of a script. The script title highlight will turn from light yellow to dark blue. Click on a space in the grid to insert that script's ID in the grid. Don’t click and drag. Case IDs go on the left side of the /, close IDs on the right. You cannot enter a case or close script on the wrong side of the /.


Quick View of Scripts in the Grid: Right click on a case or close ID in the grid to see a pop-up with that script’s text.

Text Rows - including Break Notes: Text rows can be re-named to customize your grid (ex. Host/Co-Host, Premiums, Matches, etc.). You can type or copy/paste up to 100 characters into each cell in these rows, though longer notes will be be entirely visible in the planning grid cells. If you added text rows to an hour, all text rows will group at the top of your Dashboard or printed output. 

Rename Break Notes and Text Rows: Double click the existing name of the row at the left hand edge of the grid and type the new name. To exit and save, immediately click the text row box to the right of the name box in the grid.

Rename Case/Close Rows: Double click the existing Case/Close label and type in your custom label leaving the "/" in place. This will rename all Case or Close boxes in that position for that hour. This will affect the output, whether printed or Dashboard. To exit and save, immediately click the case/close box to the right of the name box in the grid.

Add Case/Close or Text Rows to an Hour: From the Days menu on the toolbar, select the day. Then from the Hours menu in the toolbar select the hour to which you want to add a row. (A check mark will appear in the grid's blue header for the selected hour.) When you've selected a day and hour, the Rows menu will open on the toolbar. From the Rows menu select the type of row you wish to add (case/close or text). The new row will be added at the bottom of that hour's grid. However, in the Dashboard or printed output, Case/Close rows will keep their position, but text rows will group at the top of the break regardless of where they are in the hour's grid.


Delete Case/Close or Text Rows from an Hour:  Select the day and hour from which you want to delete a row. From the Rows menu, select the specific row to be deleted. Re-open the Rows menu and click Delete.

Build a Template for Highly Customized Grids: If your daily grid scheme varies from what is easily set up in PledgeDriver, consider building a one-day drive and call it Template. You can save time by copying and pasting this Template grid scheme a day at a time into your future drives.

Add a Day: Under Days on the toolbar, select Add Day. Give your new day the next number in your sequence of days. (ex. Day 4) The day will not automatically have a planning grid. To add a planning grid to a new day, copy/paste a blank day from an existing day. You will also need to assign the new day its correct date: go to Schedule Template under Plan on the toolbar, but DO NOT CHANGE THE DATES IN THE BOXES ON THIS PAGE. Instead, click on the words "edit dates for individual pledge drive days" to open Schedule Setup. Give the new day the correct date and click Update Dates.

Add an Hour: Select the day from the Day menu. From the Hours menu select Add Hour.  The new hour will be added at the end of the selected day. Add the appropriate case/close and text rows by copying/pasting an empty hour with the desired format as explained below.

Delete a Day or Hour: You cannot do this. Just ignore days or hours you do not wish to program. If you don't publish those days or hours, they will not  be visible in the Talent Dashboard. 

Duplicate/Copy an Hour to Another Hour: From the Hours menu select the hour you wish to copy.  A check mark will appear before that hour in the menu and also on that hour's blue header in the grid. Re-open the Hours menu and click on Copy Selected Hour. Then select the hour you wish to overwrite. At the bottom of the Hours menu click on Replace.

Copy an Hour to a Different Day: From the Hours menu, select the hour you wish to copy. Re-open the Hours and click on Copy Selected Hour.  Open the Days menu and select the day to which you wish to copy the hour.  Re-open the Hours menu and select the hour you wish to overwrite.  Re-open the Hours menu and click on Replace.

Copy a Day to Another Day: From the Days menu on the toolbar select the day you wish to copy. Re-open the Days menu and click on Copy Selected Day. Re-open the Days menu and select the day that you wish to overwrite. Re-open the Days menu and click on Replace.

Copy from an Old Drive to a New One: Same as above. However, you may have trouble if the day you are copying doesn't exist in the drive you will paste to. (ex: You want to copy Day 7 from your Fall drive to Day 3 of your Winter drive but your Winter drive has only three days.) In that case, copy the desired Fall Day 7, and return to Fall Day 1, then open Winter drive, select Day 3 and paste as above.

Script/Bin Highlighter: If you have unsaved case/close scripts in your grid, Save, then refresh the Case or Close bin to allow the highlighter catch your most recent changes. To highlight all of the placements of a particular script in the grid, select the script title in its bin and  click on the Script highlighter. To see placement of all scripts from a particular bin, select that bin, click on the Bin highlighter.

Still stuck?  Call Roger or Liz at 651-797-2161 (office) or 651-260-6010 (mobile) or email


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