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For Talent Dashboard help, click here- 

From Print Options screen always return to Planning Grid via the "Return to Planning Grid Link." Resist the temptation to use your browser's back arrow to return to the planning grid. This can result in incomplete loading of the planning grid toolbar and loss of subsequent grid work because you cannot save anything.


Print Scripts for Each Break: Click the printer icon in the toolbar. This opens the Print Options window. After selecting the Day(s) and Hour(s) you wish to print, select your output preferences and click Generate Printable Materials. 

Print Preferences and Print Materials

  • Font Type, Size & Spacing:  Pixel font sizes S, MS, M, ML, and L correspond roughly to 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, and 15 point fonts. Size ML or L  may cause longer case/close messages to run over onto a second page. This may be fixed with smaller margins. Font spacing changes the vertical space between rows. 
  • Print Headers:  Choose to include headers (drive day, hour, break, date and time information) at the top of each page.
  • Word or HTML Output Format:  Choose HTML or Word. HTML output will be static, while exporting to Word allows full manipulation of layout and text. For Word, follow the prompts to rename and file your document. You can modify your output as you would any other Word document.
  • Number of Case/Close Per Page: This will depend on the length of your case and close messages. Generally only two pair of case/close messages in M or ML size font will fit on a page.
  • Producer Plan: If selected, the printed producer plan mimic your grid, showing only case/close IDs and text lines for each break.
  • Script Box Format vs Continuous Format:  Script box format frames each case and close message in a box. Close message boxes are indented for easy identification. Continuous format prints case and close messages as left-justified and without separation or forced page breaks.


Force a Page Break in Word Output: Put the cursor where you want the page to break, hit Ctrl and Enter on your keyboard.


Script Boxes Split to the Next Page: The Case/Close method of pitching is based on the utilization of short 30 to 45 second scripts. If your scripts are too long, your first choice may be to edit the scripts down to 100-150 words.


If case/close boxes are still splitting onto the next page, consider using a smaller font, decreasing the space between lines, eliminating double spaces between sentences, and/or changing margin sizes.


If you have chosen to print 2 Case/Close pairs per page, and a script box still splits onto the next page, open the output in Print Preview - there is a window at the top where you can reduce the size of your text to something smaller - like 95%. If your output is in Word rather than HTML, you can manipulate individual messages by changing fonts, page breaks, etc. to make them fit. Still having trouble? Call us at 651-797-2161.


Unwanted Pages with Only Break Notes:  If you have rows for break notes in the grid with no case/closes for a break or empty case/close spaces in the 3rd and  4th lines, you will get pages with just the break notes box at the top. You can avoid printing unwanted pages by selecting the pages you DO want to print when you open your printer to print (ex. pages 1-6). This may require looking at your finished hour in Print Preview to determine which pages you want to print.

Add/Remove General Page Headers/Footers - Change Paper Size - Change Margins:  After clicking Generate Printable Materials, access either Page Setup or Print Preview and make the desired changes.

Email Scripts: Click the printer icon. After selecting the desired Day(s) and Hour(s) and output options, click Generate Printable Materials. Under File or Page on the toolbar, select Save As… At the top of the Save Web Page screen, select where you want to find this version of your file (i.e. desktop, folder, etc.). Name and save your file. Encoding: choose Western European (Windows). Save and attach your saved file to an email as usual.


Still stuck?  Call Roger or Liz at 651-797-2161 (office) or 651-260-6010 (mobile) or email


PledgeDriver is a cloud-based software that enables stations to plan and strategize their on-air fundraising.


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