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The Asterisk and The Plus: Public bins and their message IDs have an * to differentiate them from your private bins and messages. Greater Public bins are available to GP affiliates and are marked with a plus +

Don't Worry: Public bins and their messages are protected against modification or deletion. It is only possible for users to create, rename, or delete private bins and messages. Your private bins are available only in your account. No one else can read or use your private scripts or see your private bins. 

Bin Manager:  Bin Manager is under Tools on PledgeDriver's toolbar and gives the full list of all case and close bins available to your account and the number of messages in each. Sort with pull-down menus at the top of the screen. The search window allows you to quickly locate a specific bin - type a key word and click on the binoculars.

Create New Private Case and Close Bins:  Open Bin Manager from the Tools pull-down menu. Click Create New Bin. For your Bin ID choose 2 or 3 upper or lower case letters - longer bin IDs can take too much room in the grid when combined with script numbers. (Lower case letter take less room in your grid.) CAUTION: avoid using numbers in your bin ID.  Do not use the same ID for a case and/or close bin. These two situations can result in mis-loaded scripts. Your Bin Name can be whatever  you choose. (Ex. If the bin name is Top of the Morning, the bin ID could be TM.) Long bin names have caused problems with PledgeDriver's ability to fully load. Script Bin Description is optional, but could include script sources, drives, etc.  Select whether the new bin is for Case or Close messages and the appropriate market (Ex. Public Radio) and Save.

Create New Bin from the Grid: In the Case or Close bin selector, you must select  "Choose One -->" to create a new bin. When you click the Case+/- or Close+/- button, you will then be presented with a blank Bin Manager Form. When you create, you must make sure that the "Type" pull down is selected for "Case" or "Close" as needed. (see above)

Edit a Bin Name or ID: From the Case or Close bin selector, select the bin you wish to rename. Click on +/- to open Bin Manager, click Edit, then rename and Save. Caution: If you change a bin ID after you have gridded messages from that bin, those messages will be static - still in your grid plan, but no longer inter-active in your bin.

Sequence Messages in a Bin: You can sequence your messages by number or alphabetically by title. Click on the up/down arrows above either the numbers or the titles in the list of messages in your bin.

View All Messages in a Bin: Click the script number link (Ex. "23 scripts") at the bottom right corner of the script title window. Click OK on the popup "View printable version of all scripts in this bin?" The scripts are in Rich Text Format and can be printed from the File menu at the top left of the window, or can be copied and pasted into a Word document.


Delete a Bin: Select the bin you wish to delete. Click +/- to open Bin Manager, click Delete, and OK. Deleting a bin deletes all scripts within that bin. Our advice is to first print a copy of all the scripts in the soon-to-be-deleted bin. See above.  

Search All Messages in a Bin for a Key Word or Phrase: Select the desired bin and click to link showing the total number of messages in that bin. Click OK on the popup to "View printable version of all scripts in this bin?" Open Edit on the toolbar, then select Find on This Page  (or Ctrl+F). Type the word or phrase to search. The search word or phrase will be highlighted throughout the entire html page.

Save Bin Messages to Word: Select the bin you wish to copy. Click the link (ex. 23 scripts) at the bottom right of the message title window. Click OK on the popup "View printable version of all scripts in this bin?" Select all, then copy/paste to your Word document.

Popup Didn't Pop Up: If the "printable version of all scripts" popup does not appear, check behind the grid screen. If it is not there, be sure the popup blocker on your computer has been deactivated. There may be additional popup blockers within pfishing filters that also need to be deactivated - Instant Messenger may have such a blocker.

Bulk Import Public Scripts to a Private Bin:  Click on Bin Manager, found under Tools in the toolbar. Find the public bin you'd like to import and click on Bulk Import. (Public bins are "owned" by In the next popup window select the "destination" private bin, then click on Import Bin.

Bulk Import/Consolidate Private Bins: You can bulk import all messages from one private bin into another private bin using the procedure described above.  When you import messages from one private bin to another, it does not remove them from the original bin - you will need to manually delete that bin.

Bin Search or Sort:  Bin Manager, under Tools on the toolbar, has a full list of all case and close bins available to your account and the number of scripts in each. To sort the list, use the Bin Selector pull-down menus to select Case, Close or All, and Public or Private.  The search window allows you to type in a key word to quickly locate a specific bin.

View All Script Titles in a Bin: In Bin Manager, click on the bin name or folder icon.

Bin Highlighter: To see the grid placement of all messages from a particular bin, select that bin, then click on the Bin Highlighter. Recently added message IDs may not highlight until you Save your work and/or click the Refresh arrow for the Case or Close bins.


Still stuck?  Call Roger or Liz at 651-797-2161 (office) or 651-260-6010 (mobile) or email


PledgeDriver is a cloud-based software that enables stations to plan and strategize their on-air fundraising.


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