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Only Private Bins can be rotators. Public bins and other shared bins cannot rotate.


Make a Bin a Rotator: Select the bin, the click +/- above the bin name to open that bin in the Bin Manager. In the Bin Manager pop-up where it says "Is Rotator," select True and click Save. An ® will appear by the bin name and ID to indicate it is now a rotating bin.


Un-Rotate a Bin: Repeat the steps above. Choose False for Is Rotator, and Save. Your bin now operates as usual. Messages entered in while in rotation will remain in your grid.


Using Rotator: Click each cell where you want scripts from the Rotator bin. You do not need to go back to the bin to select a message. As you click each new cell, Rotator will automatically insert the next script in the bin.

New Day: The sequence of rotated scripts will continue throughout the drive.

Copying Days and Hours: When copying days and hours, the rotator function is copied and the next script in the rotation will be inserted in the copied cell.

Number of scripts needed in the bin: The rotator will function with as few as two scripts and as many as you wish in the bin. 


  • The rotation of scripts will flow sequentially from left to right across the hour, not vertically through the break.

  • Avoid multiple uses of the same rotating bin in one break, unless there are many scripts in that bin.

  • If you add, delete, or edit a script in a rotating bin, the change in the grid will not take effect until some action for that bin is applied to the planning grid. You must add in a new episode of a rotator, or remove and replace an existing episode of a rotator for all rotated scripts to be reordered.


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