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PledgeDriver Help Notes

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Updated August 2019

Basics - computer requirements, increasing image size, and other basic information

Drive Set Up - building and customizing your planning grid, practice drives, subsequent drives...

Planning Grid - adding/deleting days, hours and rows to the grid, copy/paste days and hours...

Case/Close Bins - creating/editing/consolidating/deleting private bins, previewing bin contents...

Script Work - importing/editing/saving/deleting public and private messages, using tokens...

Rotator - steps and tips for using the Rotator feature

Output - print output options, adjusting to fit on the page, emailing scripts...

Talent Dashboard - tips for setting up and using the Talent Dashboard output option

Troubleshooting - quick fixes for glitches

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PledgeDriver is a cloud-based software that enables stations to plan and strategize their on-air fundraising.


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